My Story

Thank you for deciding to read ‘My story’ which is a little snapshot about my background and my new mission in life.

I first started off on this journey as an ‘Immigrant Behaviour Consultant and Teacher working with disengaged and behaviourally challenging individuals, who on a whim decided to up-sticks and leave my country of birth, Scotland, in the UK, back in 2007, looking to find a better lifestyle for my young family and beautiful wife Shona.

Family Beachlife

We had uprooted our family and moved from our home in Scotland, searching for our own private Idaho, our paradise Utopia, however in the early days we found ourselves not quite living the Australian dream! We were stuck in the middle of the goldfields region of outback Western Australia, some 700km from Perth, with red dirt, dust and scrub all around us oh and flies.. my goodness did we have flies, they were everywhere and I soon learned about the ‘Aussy Wave’. We lived in a very basic government house, which most could call a ’shack’ single brick asbestos roofed dwelling, in an area that reached summer temps of 47 degrees, in a small mining town with a population of approx 1500 inhabitants. Although we made some wonderful lifelong friends, it was still a far cry from our previous lives as business owners and a High School specialist behaviour support teacher, living in our two story home by the seaside in Scotland! The work was very rewarding and I loved sharing my knowledge and experience with some real challenging yet exciting indigenous students who were disengaged from their schooling but loved the interactions with this Scottish guy with a different outlook on life!!

When I say ‘We’ I mean myself, then a 35 year old teacher from Ayrshire, (I’m now a paid up member of the over 40′s club), also my wife a 35yr old accountant and my 2 kids Taylor then aged 7 and Darcie 5 (now a pair of teenagers forging their way in life). You may ask why we ended up in such a place, so far away from a major CBD, but the fact was, we were doing it tough in order to get our permanent residency. We had decided we wanted a better lifestyle for our children to grow up in, better weather, for us all to enjoy and also the outdoor life, that Australia undoubtedly provides!

We decided very quickly to have as many  ’mini’ holidays and weekend breaks away at the beach, (some 350km away) as often as possible! With only one town between us and the beach we got pretty familiar with the Gas Station and its shop. It was in this very shop that I came across a book that not only changed the way I looked at life, but kick started me on the journey to explore the Australian continent.

The name of this book is not important in itself, but suffice to say that it was all about the things that school had never taught me. It opened my eyes up to the education and possibilities that are everywhere for everyone, if only you choose to look for them (or be guided towards finding them for yourself). I began my journey to creating a lifestyle and ability to give back to those who had been left behind by the education system.

Eventually, after 2yrs ‘out bush’, we got our permanent visas and we decided to again head off into the unknown, in search of our elusive Utopia. We decided to TAKE ACTION (again) !

We wanted to experience the beachlife, we wanted green grass and trees and hills (the total opposite of our country experiences). I personally wanted golf courses and Shona wanted shops and restaurants. So a drive across the country, towing a caravan, with wife, 2 kids and our young pup white Lab Poppy, had begun. Over 6000km and at least 3days with no phone signal was ahead of us. The final destination was unknown. I knew we had to just take action and that our future would find us.

We gave up our security of a house and our high paying jobs, having only just done the same in Scotland 2yrs previously. We threw caution to the wind and took action and stood by our decision to have a better life for our kids.

Since living on the coast we have since moved back out to country QLD working in the beautiful Darling Downs as regional Behaviour Support for a number of Primary and Secondary Schools, supporting Principals and classroom teachers. Ultimately the role evolved and many stressful days were soon to be had when I took up a temporary position as the Deputy Principal of an Indigenous School, which also brought its own rewards and challenges and boy have we experienced our fair share.

Our children have thrived and loved their time out country QLD however yet again after a few years ‘country’ service, we undertook another new adventure as I accepted a position as Director of Behavioural Programs with a Behavioural Science Research and Consultancy company called Esher House! In my quest to work with more disadvantaged youths and those individuals who have been dealt a tough hand of cards in their life journeys I am now on a mission to impact education on a much grander scale, in order to improve opportunities and experiences for young people as they transition through their learning. As we know, everyone learns in different way and at different speeds and its crucial that schools know their students and wrap the appropriate supports and interventions at the right time. My mission is to facilitate that by embracing Behavioural Science and collaborating with software and technology experts to make it happen… Tomorrow is here! Lets help those leaders of tomorrow find their path today. Another new adventure awaits!!

Warmest regards

Adrian M King

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